Head-ON With Bob Kincaid

Trumptanic Tuesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 30 April 2019

May 1, 2019

It wouldn't surprise me if there's a list floating around DC and NY of law firms who are next in line to represent the Trump Klan. Heck, you don't even have to win! You just file something idiotic and lose and cash the check. Case in point: Trump, et al. v. Deutsche Bank and Capital One, a desperate attempt by a family of grifters to keep investigators from seeing just how grifty they are. And, mid-program, the NRA's Roulette Wheel of Death stopped on Charlotte, NC, and now two more Americans are dead. Finally, after Mueller got absolutely roasted by Bill Maher, suddenly, today, we get newspaper accounts of how upset Mueller is with Bill Barr. If this was a soap opera, it would've been cancelled for its cheesy plot line. 

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