Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid

Thorona-in-the-Side Thursday, Head-ON With Robyn Kincaid, 14 January 2021

January 14, 2021

It's been a hatefully expensive four years housing the Trashy Trumps. Three grand for a bathroom, alone. A new trend emerges in the expanding world of white-wing hatred of trans people. They're going after the kids. If you're so inclined, please sign the petition at the top of the page. Infectious disease experts say the COVID ye have always with ye. DoD admits white supremacist recruiting is on the rise in the ranks. A crossbow? Brass knuckles? And yet people like John Guandolo continue to incite the MAGAT masses to further violence. And poor Rudy's gettin' stiffed. Awwwwww!

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