Head-ON With Bob Kincaid

Prayer Meetin’ Wednesday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 8 May 2019

May 9, 2019

Whew! When Prayer Meetin' opens with a story about filthy pictures of Jerry Falwell, Jr., even the iron-gutted deacons struggle, but that's where we are, and it didn't get any easier. There are potential explanations of the Falwell story thusfar unexamined by the Multi-millionaire ForProfit Media. Meanwhile, the EVILgelical assault on Ilhan Omar persists, almost as though it was a coordinated campaign. The EVILgelicals are also fomenting an assault on Hillary Clinton's home. The theocratic threat to our country is real, and insufficiently covered. We try to rectify that at The H.O.R.N.

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