Head-ON With Bob Kincaid

Morona Monday, Head-ON With Bob Kincaid, 9 November 2020

November 9, 2020

Morans! Get the spray! Moscow Mitch McConnell is among, if not THE, most evil thing ever to occupy and office in the government of the United States . . . and that includes Richard Nixon. Trump's lawyers REALLY suck. Among other things, they've offered a random post-it note as evidence of voter fraud. Reminder: the Georgia run-offs are January 5, 2021. MAGAT truckers plan strike. This is because they are also morans. Yale scholar echoes things Dr Bill has been talking about for over a decade. Vaccine? What vaccine? After tomorrow, JusticeHandmaid will be one step closer to being a handmaid to taking healthcare away from tens of millions of Americans.

We have $170 to go to finish Monday. All help is good help!

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